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Public Entity Pooling is Public Service

March 11, 2019 Insider, Core Values, Public Service


Public service is one of the core values of the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP), along with integrity, fiscal responsibility and operational excellence. Why is public service so important? Since public service is the business of those the Pool serves, public service is, by extension, the Pool's business as well. 

A Pool’s members make the decision to share risk collectively. This decision is couched in the idea that we are in this together, which is better than the idea that you are on your own. Thus a member's decision to belong is based less on price, products and services, but rather on who they are, a public entity, and of who the Pool is, a collection of public entities working together to meet their risk management needs.  

Thus, Pooling serve the public by providing communities a long-term and stable way to finance losses and supporting their employees in the process. The very same employees who wake up every day to ensure you have water and that your trash gets picked up. The same employees who ensure you have a safe community to raise your family.

  • As a public service entity with the sole focus to serve its members, public entity risk pools use creative programs and services to improve safety and reduce property and liability claims, thus saving taxpayer dollars; while ensuring the ability of the tens of thousands of public entities that participate in a pool nationwide to stay focused on the services they provide to their communities. Over time, public entity risk pooling has evolved from necessity to innovation. 
  • Throughout this evolution, public entity risk pooling has distinguished itself from traditional insurance. Public entity pools are member-owned, member-driven organizations. All of a pool’s time and resources are dedicated solely to serving the unique and collective needs of public entities. All of which connote "public service." 

TMLIRP strives to ensure members don’t have to worry about the day-to-day exposures that stop them from serving their citizens. TMLIRP supports the needs of the members and ultimately protects the interest of each and every Texas citizen. 

The Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool is the leading provider of workers’ compensation, liability, and property coverage for local governments in Texas. Founded in 1974, we are the oldest and largest pool of its type in the United States, serving over 2800 governments and political subdivisions. We are driven to continue the mission that began over 40 years ago, providing our members with a tailored risk financing system through reliable partnership, performance, and service. To contact us, please visit

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