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Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy Program

September 10, 2019 Safety, Integrity, Core Values

In TMLIRP’s newly updated Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy, participants have the opportunity to explore proven concepts of leadership and practical approaches to common challenges. Tony Korioth championed ways to help employers and employees meet the common goals of reducing injuries in the workplace, making the workplace productive, and lowering the risk of lawsuits. 

In 2006, TMLIRP established the Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy. This program is offered to nominated TMLIRP members' employees and cultivates leadership skills, team building techniques, and communication. To date, 2,250 graduates from 369 Texas entities have completed the Academy. But just who was Tony Korioth, and why does the TMLIRP Leadership Training Academy bear his name? Tony Korioth was born in Sherman Texas in 1933 – he was a Texan through and through. That only goes to reason since he had a heart as big as Texas. To put it simply, Tony loved and cared about people from all walks of life. He was just as comfortable addressing the Texas General Assembly, contending a case in court, or shooting the breeze with farm laborers in the field.

He truly was a buddy to everyone he met. His well-known greeting, “Hey, pal!” represented how Tony felt about everyone. If Tony knew you – you were his pal. Yet, there was one group of people of whom Tony was especially fond – the underdogs in life. For instance, Tony was instrumental in seeing that Texas farm workers received workers’ compensation benefits at a time when there was no help for injured farm laborers. Tony was also one of the founding organizers of the TML Risk Pool, bringing affordable workers’ compensation to Texas municipalities. “He helped draft the legislation that created the Pool,” said Mike Bratcher, TMLIRP workers’ compensation claims manager. “Tony had the influence with the Texas legislature,” Mike continued. “When Texas cities had trouble obtaining workers’ compensation coverage, he identified the issues and helped to create legislation to allow cities to self-insure through interlocal agreements.” 

Tony looked out for the interests of all who entered his life. Every goal, no matter how big or how small, Tony met with gusto. He was a major advocate in Texas civil rights, as well as a kind and generous employer. His passion, leadership and largeheartedness were evident in every aspect of his life. “Many people go to work and think of it as a job. With Tony, his work was a passion,” said TMLIRP workers’ compensation administrative supervisor, Dina Luna. Dina worked several years for Tony at his law firm. “He was good to all in the office … everyone loved working for Tony,” Dina added. That’s just how Tony was. He was a beloved employer, family man, friend, legislator, advocate and associate. He was a leader of unparalleled caliber. A person of Tony’s integrity, compassion and generosity is rare, and one can only wonder if Texas will ever see the like again. Tony passed away in 2004, but his legacy of leadership lives on today in the Tony Korioth Supervisor Academy. His ever jovial greeting, “Hey, pal,” still echoes in the hearts of the many Texans who knew him and benefited from this generous, lovable leader.

The Academy is also appropriate for those awaiting appointment to a leadership role and is appropriate for all departments and functions. There is no charge for attendees employed by Risk Pool members. 

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